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Dentistry, Prosthodontics And Oral Surgery

The Department of Dental Medicine acquires equipment for both general dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery. The unit has a panoramic radiograph to augment the service. It shall be manned by experienced dentists and dental aids.

The Dental Clinic component of the Metro Health Specialists Hospital Inc. MHSHI aims to be a resource center that will build models of dental healthcare delivery systems and provide dental health care services that mirror the hospital’s philosophy as an innovator and provider of quality services.

The dental unit aims to improve the lives of our patients by providing comprehensive dental care and welcomes patients into an environment that is personal relaxing and calm, to ensure their comfort within all areas of the practice. ”
The dental department will provide comprehensive dental care and education at a fair fee with a priority given to patient comfort, efficiency of service and practice dental experience.


Dentistry – General Dentistry – Orthodontics