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Admission Procedures

Welcome to Metro Health Specialists Hospital, one of Bicol’s premier healthcare institutions.  You are assured of the finest care at Metro health Specialists Hospital, made possible by a team of experienced and competent doctors, nurses, technicians and paramedical personnel. Allow us to provide you with some important information you need to know before admission. You are free to choose your attending physician.  If you do not have a preferred doctor, the hospital will provide whoever is on deck depending on the specialty required by your case. Treatment plans may be discussed by your attending physician.  You may ask your doctors for clarifications regarding your condition and management.   Your room assignment may be based on your admitting diagnosis, bed availability and your choice.

All rooms are fully air-conditioned with individual beds with side and overbed tables.  Each bed is provided with an overhead panel with lights, oxygen and suction ports, electrical outlets and nurse call.

Private rooms and suites are equipped with closets, toilet and bath, refrigerator, and television set.  Your nursing staff will orient you with your room features upon your admission.

Your attending physician may give you an estimate of probable expenses before your admission.  A deposit will be requested from you at the time of admission in accordance to the schedule of rates set by the administration.  The deposit requirement is waived in emergency cases based on Republic Act 10932, also known as the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law.  Because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, all admitted patients are required to undergo Covid 19 RT-PCR test as part of the hospital’s Infection Control Protocol. The watcher shall undergo Antigen Test and shall be screened at the triage before he is allowed as a patient’s watcher.  All patients awaiting their RT-PCR result shall be admitted in the designated holding area.  Patients may only be transferred to their room of choice once with a negative RT-PCR result. Only one (1) watcher is allowed per patient.  Watcher should wear face mask and face shield at all times while inside the hospital premises.  Visitors are not allowed.

An admission kit that includes a thermometer, measuring cup, alcohol, eating utensils, hygiene kit and slippers shall be provided upon admission.  A pillow will be given to you which can be brought home when you are discharged.  Bringing of personal beddings (bedsheet, blanket and pillows) are prohibited to keep cross infection to a minimum.

Please do not bring plug-in appliances such as electric fans and electric kettles, hair dryer and iron. All required medications and supplies shall be provided by the hospital.  This ensures that all medications, fluids and supplies given to you are in the best quality and state.

Patient’s meal shall be provided by the hospital to make sure that you receive the best nutritional care that may help you to recover more quickly.  Our dietitians work

closely with your doctor to determine which diet is best for you.  Breakfast is served between 6-7 am, lunch at 11-12nn, and dinner at 5-6 pm.  You may also request for an extra meal for your watcher.  Cut off time for watcher’s meal requests are 4 am for breakfast, 9am for lunch, and 4pm for dinner.

To facilitate your discharge and insurance claims,  please submit all PhilHealth and HMO requirements to the Business center within 24 hours of admission.  Our staff at the business center will be happy to assist you of your Insurance requirements, and other needs. Taking of photos and videos on matters pertaining to your confinement and posting them on social media platforms are strictly prohibited based on Republic Act 10173, or the Data Privacy Act.  The hospital accepts its environmental responsibilities and recognizes its obligations to contribute to the resolution of global environmental issues.  Color coded waste bins are provided in each room and other strategic areas in the hospital.

We strongly encourage everyone to follow the waste segregation program by disposing waste properly in color-coded and labeled bins.  Non-compliance to this policy
may incur corresponding penalty.  The billing section provides you with your current running bill daily.  We advise you to pay 50% of your running bill to prevent accumulation of bills during discharge.  The hospital accepts cash, debit/credit card, Manager’s cheque and bank transfer payments.  

Please strictly follow and respect these rules and guidelines.  In this way, we can work together to guarantee a healing environment for our patients and a pleasant workplace for our staff. We wish you a comfortable stay and speedy recovery.